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Inhale space:
here to the horizon nothing
but moor’s wide-armed

embrace of screaming contours;
the bleached hills’
wind-washed bladescape

stretched over earth’s hard ribs.
Press mossy flesh:
first drops of river

squeeze from peat.
Gaze on this sky pool,
where grass cloud

is stilled weed,
the eye pricked
by bloodied granite:

pinheads of scarlet lichen.
Possessed by wind and water,
I await rain’s letting

Oil – £550.00

Oil – SOLD

Manx Shearwater, Lundy

Did it start with rock, wind or sea,
this never-ending war of suck
and lash, scrabbling snatch,
hard-won fracture, the thunder
of plundered stone into water –

wave chafer
white crest strider
water grazer

Relentless drench assaults
cliff and headland; wave-nails,
sharpened by rock-pruning
skin-drumming wind,
undo cracks and crevices –

salt air beater
spume fretter
brine licker

Vertical dykes intrude
into granite; stones striate
in the bite of furious tides’
swelling swoop, their gouge
and scratch –

scale snatcher
seaweed stroker
mollusc frayer

Moon rises, fires water
into lunatic floods, lifts
and hurls, burns ridge
and furrow, claws back cloud
to discover star surge –

air scissor
darkness slicer
wind-rope walker

Wave after wave
of rock-wrung stone-torn
shriek blasts cliff –
swells day in, day out –

bellows squeaker
gravelled wheezer
raucous keener

All rises and falls –

rise and fall

Oil – £350.00